Vertico Human Capital: Data-Driven Approach toward Executive Search

Top 10 Executive Search Firms in Latin America - 2022

In the aftermath of the pandemic, organizations have reconsidered their approach to executive headhunting. Along with talent, specific traits like foresight, adaptability, empathy, and resilience are now sought after. These requirements also stem from the economic stress and fluctuations in Latin America, with many organizations looking out for leaders who can motivate their peers.

To leverage the cream of the crop with these qualities, executive search organizations are focusing on mapping the workforce, both internally and externally, analyzing prime qualities like team influence and overall performance.

Search firms are also not limiting their search pool to a single location and are ready to acquire top talent across the globe through offers like remote work models. While extending their search pool, executive search firms are also prioritizing security and compliance and protecting the privacy of all stakeholders with appropriate cybersecurity measures.

Manage HR highlights how executive search organizations are utilizing the most recent technologies to support executive search operations and satisfy the expectations of their clients. In order to shed light on such significant advances in the sector, the edition features thought leadership articles from André Kraide, Head of Human Resources at Bayer and Crop Science, and Elcio Trajano Jr., CHRO, Sustainability, and Internal Communications at Eldorado Brasil Celulose who provide insight on developing employee journey for the evolution of the company and making beneficial management decisions while keeping in mind employee’s wellbeing.

In this edition of Manage HR, we also bring you the stories of some of the top executive search firms in Latin America that deliver the best outcomes for their clients. Vertico Human Capital stands out in the list, particularly for its data-driven approach and efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion that aid clients in attracting and retaining the cream of the crop talents and elevating businesses.

Through the following pages, we aim to elucidate innovative trends and the latest developments in the executive search sector.

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    Top Executive Search Firms in Latin America

  • Crescentia Global Talent Solutions specializes in providing human resources expertise and recruiting services to organizations across various industries globally. The company’s broad service portfolio entails executive search, recruiting, online onboarding design, company benefit audits, payroll and HR administration setup, resume writing services, online soft skills development, and language translation and localization. It adopts the “Crescentia Shortcut,” a proactive approach that augments and accelerates the clients’ HR operations to help clients save time and money without compromising the quality of candidates.

  • OE Internacional or OE System SA de CV is driven by the mission of helping organizations find the right candidates and enhancing their skills and competencies. The company recognizes that in the post-pandemic world, businesses require talents more than ever to remain on the growth track. To this end, OE Internacional combines its understanding of clients’ human capital needs with cutting-edge technology to become the partner of choice.



    ACKERMANN INTERNATIONAL is helping organizations build highly skilled teams and achieve their business goals

  • Genter


    Genter is a Recruitment and selection with a focus on middle and senior management positions and executive directors (C-Level)

  • GRC Executive

    GRC Executive

    GRC Executive recruiting strategy offers an array of customized projects, long term relationships, and financial arrangements together with various enhancement services to fit each client’s particular needs

  • Latin America Executive Search Consultants

    Latin America Executive Search Consultants

    Latin America Executive Search Consultants, goes beyond merely finding qualified executives, managerial, and other positions. Instead, they find dynamic leaders who can turn vision into reality and ensure that organizations reach their goals



    MSA RH is a specialized and experienced team of Headhunters, and they provide specialized service though Executive Search, with a more consultative and analytical profile of search, selection and evaluation of highly qualified professionals for executive positions, through careful evaluations, designed to meet the specific demands of this market

  • RBR Consulting

    RBR Consulting

    RBR Consulting is a recruitment and selection consultancy composed of a team of Headhunters with an entrepreneurial spirit with expertise in specific markets formed in Multinationals and Large consultancies in the segment

  • Staff HR Consulting

    Staff HR Consulting

    Staff HR Consulting ensures that the leaders engage in transforming businesses. They offer clients a consultative solution in executive recruitment through transparency, creativity, partnership and assertiveness

  • Tailor Exec

    Tailor Exec

    Tailor Exec has a team of senior Headhunters, specialists in different markets and company profiles, with customized Executive Search work

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