Ivan Santos, CEO, OE InternacionalIvan Santos, CEO
In the executive search industry, OE International, a leader in headhunting and outsourcing, provides end-toend recruitment services catering to diverse hiring and retention demands of organizations in Latin America. Having over a decade of experience in recruitment and a deep understanding of the market dynamics, the company assists businesses in identifying and attracting top-level executives with specific skills and experience required by organizations.

The firm’s primary service entails the meticulous selection and recruitment of human talent using expert headhunting. OE Internacional employs specialized talent hunters to seek candidates according to client needs. Through extensive research, interviews, technical assessments, and psychometric tests, the headhunters shortlist well-suited professionals.

“We effectively address our client’s recruitment challenges by offering customized advice on remote work options, remuneration packages, and additional benefits, as well as creating favorable work environments,” says Ivan Santos, CEO of OE Internacional.

Through a keen awareness of the ever-changing workforce demands, the firm assists its clients in acquiring and retaining best-in-class talent through personalized support. It provides strategic counseling to help organizations foster a positive, motivating, and respectful work environment for their employees.

OE Internacional extends its offerings to involve outsourcing and personnel evaluation services. As part of its outsourcing services, the company deploys a highly skilled professional team to assist clients through their operational challenges. It also offers personalized support, relieving organizations of complex administrative and employer representation responsibilities. Clients can also leverage the firm’s personnel evaluation services—an array of psychological tests—to evaluate pre-selected candidates or employees seeking internal job promotions. The selection of these assessments is tailored to align with the specific job requirements, accommodating a meticulous approach to candidate evaluation. The tests are conveniently accessible on online platforms or can be administered at any of its facilities.

The success of OE Internacional’s recruitment process is based on a unique methodology that effortlessly integrates agility, effectiveness, and unparalleled service. The firm has established a unified vision focused on client satisfaction by merging its recruitment and selection departments with commercial and HR operations, providing suitable candidates to clients. This integration enables it to offer cost and timeeffective solutions and uphold the recruitment process quality.

We effectively address our client’s recruitment challenges by offering customized advice on remote work options, remuneration packages, and additional benefits, as well as creating favorable work environments

OE Internacional’s efficacy is demonstrated by a success story where it assisted a premium regional financial institution with multiple IT recruitment challenges, encompassing staff acquisition, employee expertise, experience levels, and cost considerations. Using its extensive recruitment capabilities throughout Latin America, the firm consistently identifies and provides best candidates.

OE Internacional’s seamless integration of its diverse operational departments into a cohesive unit enables the firm to provide highly customized, agile, and transparent recruitment and retention strategies to its clientele. Operating in multiple countries, including El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama, the firm collaborates with major industries in the region, ensuring to fulfill the given deadlines with quality. OE Internacional’s relentless focus on client satisfaction enables it to thrive in the dynamic recruitment market, delivering enduring solutions for acquiring and retaining top talent.