Since its establishment, EMA Partners has been at the forefront of providing exceptional executive search and leadership advisory services to local and international businesses across all industry verticals. It has played a pivotal role in helping clients recruit thousands of leaders who have profoundly impacted their organizations and society as a whole. This commitment is not limited to executive search. The company also offers leadership advisory consulting services to ensure comprehensive support throughout the talent acquisition and engagement process.

One of EMA Partners’ key strengths lies in its ability to operate at multiple levels simultaneously – global, regional, and local. Its global approach guarantees certified quality standards and consistent delivery of exceptional services. At Latam regional level, it has established offices with stellar reputations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Miami. This regional presence enables the firm to function as a collaborative team, understanding emerging regional issues while providing multinational corporations and local enterprises with important local insights.

“By embracing a local perspective, we offer deep market knowledge and an extensive executive network, facilitating effective talent acquisition in various regions,” says Josefina Stoopen, Managing Partner, EMA Partners Mexico.

The firm follows a well-defined procedure that focuses meticulously on each step of the executive search process. This process begins with an in-depth understanding of a client’s requirements through meetings with senior executives and key decision-makers. Once the mandate details are solidified, EMA Partners develops a customized search strategy. The dedicated research team then undertakes a systematic search for qualified executives, leveraging a vast network of leading professionals across functions and industries. Once candidates are identified, EMA Partners evaluates their expertise, skills, personality, and cultural fit with the client’s organization.

Apart from executive search, EMA Partners excels at providing leadership advisory services. By employing leading methodologies and tools, EMA Partners assists organizations in aligning their business and talent strategies with their leadership pipeline architecture. This comprehensive approach enables companies to identify, assess, acquire, develop, and retain the right leaders and leadership teams, ensuring long-term organizational effectiveness and sustainability.

By embracing a local perspective, we offer deep market knowledge and an extensive executive network, facilitating effective talent acquisition in various regions

Working with EMA Partners implies a market benchmark that benefits not only in the selection of the executive. Insights are generated for the client, valuable information is obtained that allows the company to take a critical look at its practices, processes, questioning and understanding its position in the market, comparing its competitive advantages in terms of income, brand value, benefits, and other aspects. EMA Partners indirectly supports brand positioning by working with strict quality standards and comprehensive advice for the client and the candidate. When companies understand that the valuation of their brand is also related to the quality of the executive search process (which has high visibility and impact on the market), EMA Partners becomes a strategic partner that reinforces this positioning.

EMA Partners’ ability to seamlessly integrate global reach, regional expertise, and local knowledge sets it apart in the executive search and leadership advisory landscape. By consistently delivering exceptional results and providing comprehensive support throughout the talent management process, it empowers organizations to realize the true potential of their leaders and achieve sustainable long-term success. With a collaborative and client-centric approach, EMA Partners continues to position client brands effectively in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Africa.