The engagement of employees with the company they work for has been a very important way to determine the level of satisfaction of this audience within organizations. Therefore, for an Employer Branding strategy to be assertive, it needs to permeate the entire cycle of the employees’ relationship with the company: from the moment they take part in the selection process to the moment they leave the organization. In this sense, as Human Resources, we must look carefully at all these stages, because each one requires different levels of attention, and each one is particularly important for generating value for a brand.

The journey of an employee needs to be at the heart of our strategies, since it is through them that the company achieves its business and reputational goals and effectively lives up to its purpose. At Bayer, we therefore seek to attract and develop professionals who will be leading players in our history. We want to get to know the professional beyond their resume. Find out about their values, their ambitions, perspectives, and their life experiences. The company culture provides an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Our mindset is guided by key behaviors: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency, summed up in the word “LIFE”. Within this context, we understand that, besides attracting professionals who are in tune with our values, we also need to develop them - and allow them to help the company evolve.

As a leading health and nutrition company, one of our challenges is to rethink the way things are done in order to propose new ways, while taking our business into account. Having a diverse workforce becomes a fundamental part of this process. This is why we understand that by expanding the participation and inclusion of a variety of audiences, we make room to hear different voices and experiences. They allow us to reach new and better solutions for the collective challenges faced by mankind. Innovation doesn’t exist without inclusion and diversity, and encouraging this topic is part of our culture. One could say that Bayer is going through a transformative moment, in which it is gradually adopting agile methodologies to reinvent the organization of teams and workflows. For this very reason, the Human Resources area has been adopting an increasingly strategic role, as we realize that the world is more connected and aware of trends. HR, then, seeks to reinforce the importance of digitalization to enable this transformation to happen swiftly, without missing out on human relations.

"As a leading health and nutrition company, one of our challenges is to rethink the way things are done in order to propose new ways, while taking our business into account"

Besides this approach toward innovation, we invest in an environment based on dialogue that makes the work models more flexible in order to welcome people from different realities and needs, to allow more autonomy to employees and, at the same time, to ensure performance. That’s why we recently announced “Bayflex”, which shapes the company’s new hybrid work management model in Brazil. Through it, employees are given the flexibility to work in or out of the office, after prior dialogue and alignment with their team members.

It does not stop there! Other programs that exemplify our culture are the Diálogos Next Normal and Conte Comigo. The first one was developed to prepare leaders and their teams to promote frequent dialogues, subdivided into four topics: inclusive looks, new routines and new governance, virtual scenario and expectations and work trends. The idea was to encourage leaders to engage their teams through discussions and experiences about each person’s “new normal” to determine the best work formats, professional relationships, flexibility policies and inclusive actions. Conte Comigo, on the other hand, has a number of services that provide support to employees and their families. A simple contact is enough to get support. With professional advice, our employees have more peace of mind to tackle issues that may impact their quality of life. There are various specialties: psychological support, legal and financial advice, social assistance, counseling for the treatment of chemical dependency, support for people with disabilities, coaching for health and well-being, pet consultation and a special channel for the assistance of victims of domestic violence.

Despite these actions, we also realize that we are undergoing a process of constant transformation and that there is still much to be done on this process. However, through constant active listening and dialogue with people, we are building new models and new ways of experiencing the Bayer culture. This year, we are celebrating 126 years of history in Brazil and in this region. Our entire track record has taken us a long way forward and we are already looking toward the future we want to build. We believe for us to look forward and be a successful employer brand, we have to be collaborative, innovative, sustainable, and diverse. This is Bayer’s recipe for doing business - and we’re not giving up any of these ingredients.